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Our Story

Making the World a Better Place

We are a non-profit organization providing well­ coordinated, high quality services and support in residential settings for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities from age eighteen (18) years and older. Tikor Community & Human Services, Inc. (TCHS) believes all individuals with intellectual disabilities, many of who have additional complex physical and sensory disability needs or challenging behavior have unique strengths, abilities and inherent values. All affected individuals are equal before the law and must be treated with dignity and respect.

We are Committed

We are committed to using our resources and expertise in the services we discharge to meet the unique needs of all the individuals we serve while maximizing their independence and autonomy in society.

Core Values

We are leaders in true core values of :

Empowering individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

We educate the public about fulfilled lives for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We work with the individual rather than their disabilities.